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Sep 29, 2018

The LIFT Practice

Essentially, the basic premise of Emergence is everything you could ever need to be all you were created to be, do, contribute, create, etc., is already within you.

Just like the oak tree is already in the acorn – there’s a perfect pattern awaiting the right conditions, and when those conditions match the pattern within the seed, that inherent pattern of potential naturally emerges. The same thing is true for you.

There’s a perfect pattern of your destiny that is already planted in the soil of your soul, and when the conditions are congruent with that pattern, it naturally emerges.

Another way to think of it is your favorite music is broadcasting where you are right now, amongst a bunch of broadcast stations, but you can’t hear or experience the music. The music is not yet manifest, even though it’s fully present and broadcasting. It’s not manifest until you tune the dial of your radio so that your frequency matches the frequency of that broadcast. When you do that, when the frequencies match, then that broadcast that was already playing becomes manifest. You have found your manifest-station.

In the process of Emergence, the first step is to identify the seed that’s seeking to emerge in your life. Otherwise known as the vision, whether it’s in some area of your life, or your life in general. What is the vision that’s trying to emerge in your life? There are clues for that all around you!

The LIFT practice stands for Living In the Feeling Tone, and this is part of the Emergence process. This is a simple method used to help engineer or design a way of life that is congruent to that of your grand vision.

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Stay Inspired!

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