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Dec 20, 2016

Are You Getting Warmer or Colder – The Shortest Path to Progress

You may have played that game when you were a child, when you’d hide an object then say to someone who was looking for it, “You’re getting warmer… really warm… hot!” Or “You’re cold… getting colder…” 

The closer they got to the object they were looking for, they were “warmer” and the further away they got, they were “colder”.

It’s one of the most simplistic examples of how the process of success, approximation, and feedback work. That’s basically what we’re doing in life – we’re testing whether we’re getting closer to our goal or our true heart’s desire, or further away from it, based on our feedback.

You can always tell you’re getting warmer when there’s a greater sense of joy and aliveness.

To support you in mastering this, listen to the in-depth podcast on the subject, where we break it down and put it into real-life practice TODAY. This will be a real game-changer.

To Your Emergence!

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