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Jan 29, 2024

This is a very powerful and personal question that I’m sure many of you have had. I’ve certainly been asked it many times and have asked myself this many times…

From the Emergence model and the perennial truth teachings, whatever is missing is what you’re not giving. The whole of ultimate reality is in your soul and your consciousness. So if you are praying for something, trying to get, attract, achieve it or draw it to you, and using prayer either as a supplication and beseeching of something outside of you, you’re already praying amiss, because true prayer is an activation.

Prayer is an opening through and as which you get to express more of the infinitude that is within you. You’re never praying for anything, you are praying from the thing itself. You touch reality.

The core idea is that it’s already here, and I’ve used the radio analogy a lot to help explain this… The music is already broadcasting right where you are, but it’s not manifest until you tune your dial into the vibrational frequency of the station where the music is playing. When your vibration matches the vibration of the station, that station becomes manifests. It’s a manifest-station.

The music was already broadcasting. It wasn’t in the future. It wasn’t in the distance. It wasn’t even potential. It was potential in terms of your experience, but it was actual in terms of the dimension in which that music was broadcasting that actuality became manifest when you came into integrity with it vibrationally.

You must come into integrity; you must pray believing you already have in order to receive it. If you pray not believing you have it, it still gets activated, but you can’t receive it yet until you believe you have it.

As I’ve talked before, every sincere prayer, desire, and affirmation you’ve ever said, in that moment, that potential, seed of possibility, is activated. It’s deposited, but now the work is that you must come into alignment with it.

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And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!

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