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Oct 17, 2022 you’re on a spiritual path or not, it’s very easy to get caught into magical thinking. It’s easy to think life operates based on personality or emotion, or just based on good people.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do good. Doing good is one component of being in harmony with the principle of life, but it’s only one. If you’re doing good deeds, but emotionally you feel unworthy, or mentally you have beliefs and patterns of lack, you’re actually living out of alignment.

It’s important to understand this piece – it doesn’t matter how much you wish for or how nice of a person you are – that’s not enough. You must begin to release that wishbone, release the magical thinking, and learn how to stand stronger in the Principle of Truth.

You can have an open heart, a heart as big as the world, the heart of God, but you need to have a soul that is strong, that has stamina, that is rooted in the principle of Truth. You want to begin to learn how to have a deeper understanding and embodiment of the principle in order to stand stronger in the principle.

If you’re not experiencing abundance, for example, do not merely wish, pray or hope for abundance, but learn to understand and apprentice under the principle of abundance.

Allow your conversations be unwavering in speaking it, your actions to become undaunted in walking it – regardless of conditions. When you make knowing the truth, owning the truth, and embodying the truth your number one priority over your feelings, over your hopes, wishes and conditions, that’s having a backbone instead of a wishbone.

Remember, from the Emergence model, whatever you’re waiting for, you’re waiting with, and you’re weighing it down. So you must get on the ultimate wait loss program and let go of all the wait, because it’s already happening. 

Jesus, one of the great master teachers, taught this principle, “When you pray, pray believing that you already have that you may receive.” That wasn’t a metaphysical trick to attract it. It was a mystical truth – that you already have it. Elsewhere it says in the Bible, “To he who has, more will be given, and it will be multiplied, but to he who has not, even that which he has will be taken away.” It’s talking about a state of consciousness – the state of having.

If any part of you is waiting for something to happen, you are creating a sense of lag time and separation that doesn’t exist in truth, but that now must become part of your experience. Your job as a spiritual warrior, with a backbone and not a wishbone, is to stand in the truth, the vibration and the mindset, and even the action that “I already am. I already have. It’s already done.”

Do not give yourself the luxury of putting your good in the future. You’re not waiting for your miracle. A miracle is an instant demonstration of what’s already true in reality and you can never experience it until you become fully present. This present moment is the only moment where all good exists. All good, all wealth, health, happiness, love, peace, joy, beauty, abundance, wisdom, genius –  all of it only exists now.

It doesn’t exist in the past, which is just a memory. It doesn’t exist in the future, which is just a fantasy. It doesn’t even exist in the temporal present, which is imagination. It exists in the eternal now, fully, completely. It cannot be improved upon, it cannot be diminished – you must come into vibrational alignment and into integrity with it.

The key is to understand is that whatever’s missing is what you’re not giving. If you want more to come into your life, you must let more life come out of you. If you want something different to come into your life, you must let something different come out of you. It’s all within you. Release all futurizing. Release all waiting. Release all magical thinking.

Take your stand in it, for it and as it, and then step by step engineer your mind, emotions, actions and environment to be in integrity with it. Then watch as you start to feel and live in the finished result even before it manifests, and discover what it really means to be free.

This is what it means to have a backbone and not a wishbone, to have a heart of gold and a soul of steel. I invite you to this journey.

I invite you to take one thing you’re trying to create in your life and put it through this process. 

Let everybody and everything outside of you off the hook. Take full responsibility and take a stand for it today!

To support you in mastering this, listen to the in-depth podcast on the subject, where we break it down and put it into real-life practice TODAY. This will be a real game-changer.

To Your Emergence!

Stay inspired!

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