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Sep 26, 2022

As you begin to grow in this awareness of the Emergence principles and how life really operates, you start to discover that what you do in and of itself is not going to determine the outcomes you get.

Ultimately, as the old metaphysical axiom says, to he or she who is right in mind they can do all the wrong things, and it will often still turn out right, but to he or she who is wrong in mind they can do all the right things, and it will still turn out wrong. We see that even as Einstein said, "You cannot solve a problem at the level of thinking that created it."

We understand in metaphysics and quantum physics, that the frequency or the vibration that you’re at is what actually determines the outcome. The good that you want, the answer, the solution, the opportunity, the abundance, etc. it’s already here. Much like you are inundated with radio broadcasts right now, and in the midst of those broadcast somewhere your favorite music is playing, but it’s not yet a manifest part of your experience. When you tune the dial of your frequency so that that receiver or frequency matches the frequency where that music is playing, that station becomes manifest. You have what I like to say a manifest-station. The music was already happening, but you had to make it welcome. You had to dial into that same frequency. The distance between you and your music is a distance in frequency.

The same is true for your solutions. For whatever challenge you face, the solution is a reality that already exists, but it exists at a higher or different frequency than the frequency of the problem.

Problem, when you understand it means emblem - it’s a symbol. A problem or challenge is a symbol of a state of consciousness, a particular frequency, and you can never solve a problem, any more than you can solve a frequency.

If you’re turned into station K-LACK, and it’s playing the blues all day, or it’s gossiping and complaining and talking about all this negative stuff in the world, making you feel horrible, that’s a problem. You can’t solve that problem at that frequency. You can’t solve that frequency. That’s what’s playing on that station. So, how do you solve it? You have to tune up the dial to station K-RICH, to a higher frequency.

When you tune out of K-LACK into K-RICH, the problems you are experiencing on K-LACK they’re no longer there! That particular music becomes unmanifest. It goes back into the invisible, inaudible state that it was to begin with, and the music that you really want to hear, that beat of abundance, that symphony of success, now becomes manifest. It becomes a part of your experience.

So a problem cannot be solved. It exists. It’s a frequency. Just like ice cannot be solved at the level of temperature where ice exists; 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below, you have ice. No matter what you do to get rid of that problem, you’ll still have the problem if you’re still living at 32 degrees. You can pour hot water on it, but what’s going to happen? It’s going to become more ice. You can chip it away. What’s going to happen? Condensation will produce more ice.

So how do you deal with it then? You must rise above that temperature. When you rise above 32 degrees, what happens to the ice? You don’t solve the ice - the ice dissolves.

When you tune to a higher frequency on the station you don’t solve the problem or change the station of K-LACK. That’s still broadcasting, but it dissolves out of your experience, and what manifests is that higher frequency you’re now tuned into. That’s also why Einstein said, "Arrows of hate have been shot in my direction many times, but they no longer can touch me or hurt me, because they come from a world I no longer inhabit."

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To Your Emergence!

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