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Sep 22, 2015

We ask, “Hey God, where are you? We need help down here!”
And God’s like, “What do you think I sent YOU for?” You ARE the help!”
Many of us spiritually-minded folks are waiting for some power to touch us on the top of the head, for something to happen to us - enlightenment, Grace, whatever - before we can really show up and be who we really are.
We’re kind of waiting for God to show up.
This constant and incessant drive to get what seems missing or get rid of what seems to be a problem comes from a mortal sense of self apart from God.
But you can’t add anything to God. Any prayer or affirmation to get or add to yourself is pointless.
Today’s episode shows you how to ask a completely different question in order to give what appears missing, to radiate the love that heretofore we were seeking, and to pour that imprisoned splendor into the world.
The best part? Compared to the frantic action we’re used to using to try and get what we want, the real work of being happy looks a lot like just resting.