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Jun 24, 2016

I’m shaking up things a little bit here. Today’s topic may be the most controversial thing I’ve ever talked and taught about: ‘Jesus Was Not His Name’.

The real purpose of this particular talk is to try to clear away a lot of the dogma, doctrine, extremism, and the fundamentalism around the great philosophies and religions. I really want to open you up to become contemplative, a student of truth, who questions, even down to the words we use. Words have power. Stories have power. History has power.

There’s a particular interest I have in the teachings of Jesus and the Christian teachings because of the power in them, but also because of how profoundly misunderstood they are, and how profoundly corrupted they have become in terms of the real meaning, intention, purpose, and power.

These cultural iconic elements of our history such as the teachings of Jesus or Buddha, etc. have tremendous power and influence over us. They are exerting influence on us until we become conscious of them.

We can integrate them, or if we discover that it’s not true or right for us, we can consciously reject them. But we don’t want to reject them unconsciously without understanding them, and we don’t want to lose the power of them and not integrate them because we don’t understand them.

Listen to this new podcast for the full explanation and learn how you can begin to understand and appreciate the deeper perennial teachings and put them to work in your life TODAY.

And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!

Stay inspired!

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