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Dec 16, 2014

You were designed to be, do, and contribute in a very unique way. All the power, wisdom, and genius you could ever need to fulfill your destiny are already within you, a perfect blueprint for total success, fulfillment, and impact. Like nature, with each species doing its own thing, creating a brilliant ecosystem, we were created to express the same level of elegance.
But society has conditioned us to believe we must fit in, conform, or do a lot of things we're not built for. If nature operated the way we do, it would destroy itself. And when we spend too much time doing things we're not designed for, we wreak havoc in the ecosystem of our own lives - and on the planet.
When you try to fit in, you become a commodity; when you bring your unique genius, you have no competition. In this podcast, "Own Your Genius Zone," you'll learn how to design your life so that your unique gifts and talents take priority, and your life can begin to flourish the way it was meant to.