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Nov 11, 2014

We've been trained to believe that the world we see, touch, taste, and feel is the 'real world,' and the only way to create lasting change is to manipulate the conditions we find ourselves in. But trying to improve your life by manipulating appearances is like trying to make a better movie by messing with the movie screen its projecting on. Life is not happening 'out there,' it's happening within you. And only within you can you ultimately change it.

This reverses your whole framework of living. You realize you're not on your way to more abundance, you're coming from it. You're not on your way back home to God, you are the way Life is putting Itself on display. You are the greatest Wonder of the World. But in order to experience this Truth, you must tap into it, become congruent with it, and live as if it's so. This leads to ultimate freedom and power.

Listen to “Radical Empowerment” NOW and reclaim your power  from the illusory world of appearances. Discover the great truth that has enabled leaders throughout the centuries to harness their genius and achieve unimaginable heights.