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Aug 25, 2015

Why is it that even when we have a compulsive need to move forward it can be almost impossible to follow through? Why do we find ourselves surfing the internet, watching TV, procrastinating instead of pursuing our dreams? Why do we keep recreating the same problems and sabotaging ourselves?

It’s because these activities let us feel that we are in control when we really aren't.
You don't have free will until you have an expanded awareness: until you see all the patterns that are taking your daily energy and leaving you with barely enough to survive, or even putting you into energetic debt as you hold on to unresolved problems, incomplete relationships, or old grudges.

When our energy is going toward these patterns, we’re walking asleep, dreaming that we’re awake. Dreaming that we’re making choices when really these patterns are running the show.

So we have to be willing to step back in order to spring forward. Today’s episode shows you how to do that and free up all your energy, right now.