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Nov 22, 2016

The Real Story -Your Life Is a Living Bible

Today's episode is all about understanding the impact of story on our lives and how our story is really the equipment for living. We live our lives literally through a story. It's unavoidable, that's why we love stories so much.

The life you're experiencing right now is based on the story you've developed over the years. I believe that you even developed a grander story before you even came here - the soul story.

In all the stories of the world - whether in a movie, a book, world events, the Bible, or your own story - there is always a bigger idea that's trying to emerge.  

Behind your life stories, like the perennial truth teaching of successful living in all the Bibles of the world, ultimately, there is a seeking to awaken you out of your human story and into the Divine story.

To support you in mastering this, listen to the in-depth podcast on the subject, where we break it down and put it into real-life practice TODAY. This will be a real game-changer.

To Your Emergence!

Stay inspired!


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