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Sep 30, 2018

Why Life is Set Up to Fail You

Some people think that life is largely against us, that life is the roll of the dice. As Einstein said, “The dice of God are always loaded.” It means that life doesn’t just happen, but life happens just. There is order. There is a certain pattern and lawfulness to life.

Chaos theory says if you step back far enough from what appears to be random chaos, you will see a pattern. You will see order. The Universe is not chaotic. It is chaortic.

What I really mean by ‘why life is set up to fail you’ is something I call the great betrayal, or the big betrayal. I talk about it in my Awakened Wealth work. It’s best to tell you by means of a story…

The basic story is how years ago when I was first on a spiritual path, and I had pulled out of society for the most part to go on this inward journey. I was doing all of the right things. I was doing so much deep inner work, and there was a lot of great benefits for it, a level of peace and joy and creativity that was emerging. At the same time, as that was emerging my bank balance was submerging. It was collapsing. It was going away, and eventually I found myself broke, literally living on a prayer, and sitting in my meditation chair in the middle of the room with a bill collector knocking at the back door and the landlord knocking at the front door, on the verge of being evicted. Having no human means to support myself anymore.

I was, to be quite honest, pissed off at God. I had what I call my Gary Sinise moment. I don’t think Forest Gump was even out at that point, but I know call it my Gary Sinise moment. Where he’s in Forest Gump, and he’s on the mast of the ship, and shaking his fist at the heavens and the storm and saying, “Bring it on, God.” I didn’t understand. How did all my efforts get me back to this place again where I was once again broke? I remember saying, “This stuff is either a bunch of BS, or there’s something real here. One way or the other I’m not getting up from this chair until I know. I’m not going to go through this cycle again and again anymore. I’m done.”

I sat in that meditation chair, and I sat and sat. Daylight turned to dusk. The crickets come out for their nightly chorus, and I began to wrestle my demons and get pinned to the floor.

At some point in the middle of the night this awareness broke through, and I don’t know if it was a voice or a thought, but it was definitely Divine awareness of guidance. It said, essentially, “You made your savings account your God.”

I had basically had a savings account, a nest egg, and I was leaving that alone as a form of security, but then putting all my extra things or whatever I was doing beyond any money that was coming in, if I needed more money I was just putting it on credit cards. I had built up this credit card debt, but I wasn’t touching the next egg. Little bit by little bit it dwindled until it was pretty much nothing. It said, “You made that savings account your God, your Source.” Essentially, thou shalt have no other gods before me. I half expected to turn around and see Moses there holding a tablet up, looking strangely like Charlton Heston!

As soon as that awareness broke through this peace came over me. It was like this pressure valve released, and all the stress drained away. The insight that came was that it’s literally designed this way – that you don’t put anything outside of you as your God, as your Source. When you make anything outside of you your Source of safety, supply, security, or support, it’s designed to fail you.

The reason is because when you make something outside of you your source what starts to happen? You start to give away your power to that thing or person you think is your Source.

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