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Oct 14, 2022

Today we’re talking about the real cause of debt and how to eliminate it. This is, of course, a big issue with a lot of people, and if you’ve studied my Awakened Wealth work you already know the answer here, and if you haven’t, you may be in for a surprise, because the real cause of debt is often not merely spending or spending too much, but as I teach in Awakened Wealth work and really the whole Emergence model, whatever’s missing is what you’re not giving.

Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens through you and as you. You’re a generative being, and whatever shows up in your life has to first come out of you in some way, mentally, emotionally, energetically. It has to come out of you, or it literally cannot show up in your life. This is principle.

Likewise, therefore whatever’s not showing up is what you’re not generating, and so fundamentally speaking debt is an expression of stagnation. It means the law of circulation is not really in operation.

Essentially once you understand that all wealth is spiritual or invisible or energetic, and it’s all within you, and therefore the only way to have more of it is to circulate more of it. The seven gifts give you the framework for how to circulate it, and it’s giving out, giving up, giving in, giving away, giving thanks, giving to yourself, and forgiving. 

We’ll talk just about forgiving. The gift forgiving means you’re for giving, not for getting, not for taking. There’s no withholding in forgiving, but in unforgiveness it’s an energetic of withholding. It’s right there in the word, of course, but it’s right there also in the energetic.

When you think someone has done you wrong, or you think you’ve done someone else wrong, what’s the underlying message? You owe me, or I owe you. Right? You owe me an apology. You owe me those years back. You owe me that money. You owe me that job, whatever. Right? So there’s you owe me, or I owe you. What do you have when you have a bunch of I owe yous? You have debt. It creates an energetic breakdown.

There’s no circulation happening in that area of your life. So for people that have debt they often have a story, if not many stories, of unforgiveness. There are one or more areas where there’s no circulation.

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