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Aug 31, 2022

In today's episode, we discuss what's called "self-sabotage" and more specifically, the end of self-sabotage as you know it!

In some respects, whenever we say something like, "I'm sabotaging myself", is a bit of a trick of the ego...

You know when you find yourself using really dramatic phrases about how you’re feeling or acting, like, “I really wanted to do that thing, but I just felt paralyzed with fear?”

Or how about, “ I don’t have the time.” “I don’t have the support.” “I don’t have the ability.” “I don’t have the money.”“Who am I to do this?” “What if it fails?”

Aside from these types of descriptions being inaccurate or irrelevant, when we use those kinds of words we live into it. It becomes part of a pattern that our mind believes.

However, the self can actually never sabotage itself. The Divine can never contradict it's own nature - it is One, it is whole, love, good, and it's only impulse and activity is to express more and more of it's infinite self. So, there's no such thing as self-sabotage, in the real sense.

When you experience what's called self-sabotage, it's because as the 'Real self' is trying to emerge, it bumps up against your 'limited, false concept of yourself'.  It's what I call the "threshold".  This looks like something coming up just before you go to sit down to start on your book, or you get sick before your big work presentation, or you start an argument with your spouse, etc.

Today’s episode helps you to access and unleash that deeper intention, prayer, affirmation or desire - that something that you really want to do, be, create, contribute - to activate that authentic self that’s emerging, and to release it from the confines of the old paradigm, self-concepts, or ego programming.