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Sep 21, 2022

Time, Health, Wealth, Work, and Relationship Freedom: The Path of Liberation

Do you know that 99.99% of the world is run by the belief that if we could just change conditions, we could become safe, secure, significant and free?

It’s a 180 degrees opposite of what the great teachings taught. The fundamental teaching of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Quan Yin, Shankara were not about improving your human experience in order to be free. They were exactly the opposite.

As long as we’re trying to manipulate the world to be happy, safe or significant, we are slaves, prisoners, ruled over by an empire of human beliefs in lack, limitation, and separation.

Freedom won’t just come to you. It has to be earned by right of consciousness. Jesus taught, don’t try to save and improve your life. Let it go and seek a deeper connection. Buddha taught, do not engage in craving and aversion, which is basically the incessant need to try to get or get rid of it in order to be free or happy (in other words, manipulating appearances and conditions.) Buddha’s whole teaching was based on an idea of the whole false self, that all suffering is based on this part of us that is seeking to manipulate conditions in order to be free.

There’s no freedom in thinking you have to get something or get rid of something, change something in order to be free. That’s not freedom, that’s enslavement. Freedom is an inside job. When you can be in a place of peace, regardless of conditions, you’re really free.

When we drop down a little bit deeper into these life structures – time, health, wealth, work, relationships – you can begin to see how this applies in these areas of your life.

It’s important to understand that all human experience is a relative projection of our limited perception of infinite perfection. Time is a relative expression of eternity. It’s completely relative, bendable and flexible. That’s why if you’re with somebody you really love, an hour might feel like it went by in a minute. If you’re doing something you really hate, a minute feels like an hour. As Einstein described in his theory of relativity, time is relative. It’s just a construct. Eternity is what’s real.

So, if you’re trying to base what’s real and true on what’s in time and space, you’re already completely lost. You’re as far away from as if truth didn’t even exist because time and space are not real. There’s a bigger idea that is infinite and eternal. It’s trying to emerge as your life, as the world right now. That idea is what’s real, not all the relative expressions of it that are sometimes very chaotic, very disturbing and very challenging. None of that is truth or substance. None of that is governed or maintained by Divine life, law or power which means it has no power at all. The only thing governed and maintained by life, law or power is what is true, what is real, what is spiritual – which means it is eternal and unchanging.

You want to continuously seek a greater realization of the eternal unchanging truth of our being, or of any of these life structures -time, wealth, and health – to move into a greater state of well-being.

You can completely renew and restore each of these structures of your life forever, to the extent that you awake into this truth, because your body, wealth, work, health, and relationships arespiritual, infinite, immortal, eternal ideas and activities that never diminish, that never run out. The more free you get in this truth, you’ll be able to reveal an ever-increasing expansion and capacity in every area.

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To Your Emergence!

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