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Nov 22, 2022

We hear the expression “I’m just going to go with the flow” a lot from heart-centered, spiritually-minded people, or even those who are just trying to have less stress in their life.

In many cases, this is a stall tactic or an avoidance tactic. It’s an egoic defense mechanism – what it really means is, “I’m stressed out”, “I’m burned out”, “I’m overwhelmed”.

Going with the flow is not always good on certain currents. If all you do is go with the flow, you’ll get caught in the crosscurrents or go over a waterfall! You need intention and you need to row, too.

What’s moving many of us in many moments is a flow based on our shadows, wounds, coping mechanisms, defense mechanisms, and values conflicts. It’s all the ways we’ve learned to get by, to survive, to get what we think we don’t have and to not lose what we’re afraid somebody is going to take away.

There is a flow, a current of energy in our life. But just going with that flow is not going to take us where we want to go.

Once you are more deeply rooted in the truth of your being, if you have a deep spiritual practice where you are meditating and praying and connecting to that source on a daily basis, then you will feel this flow begin to use you and move through you.

Then, going with the flow will feel like you’re letting go of resistance and letting go of fear and being willing to be used and taken down this river of life, even though these fear patterns may be telling you “Be careful, don’t do it.”

Listen to the podcast episode above for the full explanation and learn how to put this into practice in your life TODAY.