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Oct 18, 2016

The Only Argument You EVER Have to Win

Can you imagine if there was only one argument that you had to win? If you could become a master at winning that one argument, everything in your life would work. You would be a winner everywhere in your life.  Would that be something worth mastering?

Well, there’s only one problem in all of human existence, and that is our belief and perception of separation from Source.

There is a something, an isness that is whole, complete and perfect, that is perfection itself, life itself. It never is born. It can never die. It has no beginning or end. It can’t be improved upon and it can’t be diminished.

It is the very source and substance, cause and effect, power and presence, principle and reality of all existence. It’s nature is good. It’s nature (not a good that’s opposite of a bad, but in all good) is an infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent good that has nothing outside of it and nothing else within it except its own goodness.

Now, if you could just get what I just said, I don’t mean just intellectually but have a realization of it, you will have won the argument because that’s the truth principle – oneness, wholeness, perfection, god only, only god, love only, only love.

However, that’s not our experience. Our life experience is the relative perception and projection of this infinite perfection. So, we don’t experience the one real life directly.  We experience through our perception, through the filters of our mind and awareness which become beliefs and habits, which create circumstances and conditions.  That is what we call life experience.

Life experience can be all over the place. It literally can be anything depending on what dimension you’re in and how much you’re willing to believe in something. You can pretty much experience anything.  That doesn’t necessarily tell you what is reality, just as your beliefs don’t tell you what reality is. They tell you your best guess at it and your emotions don’t tell you reality. They tell you what you believe. The reason for this is because life is infinite.

There’s one mind, one consciousness, the mind of God, the intelligence of the universe, the all-knowing, all-containing, all-possessing, perfect mind. You’re a center in it, and it’s unfolding. So, you have the capacity to tap into it but it’s all within this consciousness that is within you. This is why Jesus said, “Take no thought for your life, for the clothes you’ll put on and the food, wherewithal you shall be clothed… but seek first the kingdom of heaven.” Then, he said, “And then all those things you’ve been striving after, those will be added unto you.” Buddha also taught us to go within. Lao Tzu, Guanyin, Shankara and the greatest masters and teachers all said that ultimately the solution and the answer to everything outside of you is inside of you – either go within or you’ll go without.

Ultimately, the greater the realization of your true self, your true nature, the realm of truth, and your connection, communion, and identification with that, the more everything resolves itself and your life reveals more and more bounty, abundance, and goodness.

That’s why it also says in the Bible, “If you dwell in the secret place of the Most High, under the shadow of the Almighty, no hurt, no harm can come down in your dwelling place.” I’m talking about this dimension with you – consciousness.

Now, what does that have to do with the only argument you ever have to win?

Well, in the most basic sense, as I mentioned above, the only lie is that you’re separate from this ultimate reality or ultimate good.  That’s the one and only problem, this sense of separation from it. So, the only solution is the realization of your oneness within.

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To Your Emergence!

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