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Nov 18, 2014

We struggle so hard to ‘cause things to happen.’ But cause & effect is an relative perception, not an absolute law. Nothing is causing anything; everything is creating the conditions for something to emerge. When you let go of a pencil and it falls, you didn’t ‘cause’ that. You created the conditions that allowed the invisible pull of gravity to ‘manifest.’ When you water, weed, and feed a seed, you don’t ‘cause’ a plant to happen. The plant was already there; you just created the conditions for its emergence.

Similarly, our belief that we have to cause our desires to manifest is actually the very resistance to them emerging. Like that plant in the seed, our desires are the invisible pull of the Thing We Want, trying to be born. The desire isn’t a sign of what’s outside that we must get, but a sign of what’s inside trying to get out. Once we understand this, the key is to then know how to create the conditions for the fulfillment of our desires to emerge.

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