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Jul 26, 2016

Especially in the self-help, self-improvement realm of things and even beyond that, we’ve come to really put a lot of stock in our beliefs. At a certain relative level, it’s important to improve your beliefs and your thoughts. It’s important to do the inner work, to take back control of your mind and reprogram the patterns and condition your mind.

Step-by-step, you can uplevel your thoughts, your beliefs,and your emotional fuel, so that you are ultimately running on high-octane thinking, feeling and believing.

Ultimately the goal is to move into greater expanded awareness, that pops you out of your stories and beliefs. That then expresses itself as what the world will call improved experiences and conditions. The difference is they’re different in quality. When you pop out of your belief and touch reality, and it transmutes itself into better experience, you know that you didn’t manifest that experience through your own mental thinking and believing.

I invite you into this next level of beginning to contemplate, “Who am I beyond all of my stories, beyond all of my beliefs?”

Listen to the podcast episode above for the full explanation and learn how to put this into practice in your life TODAY.

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