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Nov 17, 2015

Some people think that life is a crap shoot, that life is the roll of the dice.

But, as Einstein correctly said, “The dice of God are always loaded.”

In other words, life doesn’t just happen. There is order. There is a certain pattern and lawfulness to life.

But there's a catch.

Not only is life set up is set up to fail you.

Your life is designed in such a way that you will, sooner or later, experience what I call "The Big Betrayal."

You’ll experience The Big Betrayal because, not understanding how God has loaded the dice, you’ll follow what you’ve been taught: to give away your power to that thing or person you think you need for support.

If it’s a job, for example, you’ll start to be less and less who you really are. You won’t say or do what you really want, because you'll be afraid you’ll lose your source of income.

Until you understand how God’s dice are loaded, you’ll have to manipulate and control, cajole and twist yourself into a pretzel to do and be whatever you think is necessary to get what you think you don’t have, or to hold on to what you think someone can take away. You cannot truly be in a place of power, because you have to keep adjusting to that which you feel you depend on.

“Why Life is Set Up to Fail You:” listen now to get Life’s bias working on your side so you never have to worry about where your good will come from ever again.