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Jun 19, 2024

What sense is there in the tragic experiences of our lives? Our setbacks feel so permanent.

These setbacks feel all the more terrible when we are striving to create good in the world. Because as soon as we set our desire in motion through prayer or intention, we're on a conscious path of growth.

"Tragedy" strikes...

Jun 17, 2024

We all want more confidence and self-esteem We all know that acknowledging and validating and seeing the goodness and the greatness in your child or in anyone is very necessary. And we all know that, in many cases, that acknowledgment and validation is completely absent. Or (and worse, ironically), we try to...

Jun 14, 2024

Today's Quantum Prayer - “Rapid Confidence and Self-Esteem” - will help you to unleash the strength and stability within you so that you can achieve your highest creative and productive goals.

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Jun 12, 2024

We ask, “Hey God, where are you? We need help down here!”

And God’s like, “What do you think I sent YOU for?” You ARE the help!”

Many of us spiritually-minded folks are waiting for some power to touch us on the top of the head, for something to happen to us - enlightenment, Grace, whatever - before we can...

Jun 10, 2024

Listen in as the World's #1 expert on the Law of Emergence reveals ancient secrets and quantum healing practice that have helped hundreds of thousands end the struggle of self-improvement, find their life purpose, achieve financial freedom and abundance, master productivity and creativity, and gain true wealth...