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Aug 30, 2016

How do you manifest more money or anything?

First it's important to understand the true nature of manifestation.

Manifesting, from the Emergence model – from the truth principle, is not about making something happen or appear that does not yet exist. To make something manifest to is to make that which...

Aug 26, 2016

Today we take a deep dive into the potential activator, and do some real inner work to activate our full potential.

Whatever it is, just bring the challenge, the crises, the area of growth, to mind. Allow yourself to feel whatever it makes you feel, and as strongly as it really is.

Allow yourself to become aware of all...

Aug 23, 2016

Today we’re talking about the real cause of debt and how to eliminate it. This is, of course, a big issue with a lot of people, and if you’ve studied my Awakened Wealth work you already know the answer here, and if you haven’t, you may be in for a surprise, because the real cause of debt is often not merely...

Aug 19, 2016

Whether you’re on a spiritual path or not, it’s very easy to get caught into magical thinking. It’s easy to think life operates based on personality or emotion, or just based on good people.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do good. Doing good is one component of being in harmony with the principle of life, but...

Aug 17, 2016

Aren’t we here to save the world, or at least make it a better place?

Actually, the answer is “no.”

The “world” that each of us perceives is really a collection of beliefs or agreements about what’s possible and what’s right. It’s a set of values, norms, and mores that vary from country to country,...