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Mar 21, 2021

There's a secret power hidden in commitment that can unlock your latent potential and help you take a quantum leap. In this talk, Derek shares these little-known principles and strategies to support you in having your breakthrough!

Mar 14, 2021

In this talk, Derek explores one of the most damaging ideas in self-help and personal development -- something that stops most people from staying the course until they get results. If you want to make real and lasting change, don't miss this.

Jan 10, 2021

We must plan our life as if we are doing the work, but live our life as if God is. And in this training, Derek shows you how to become fully engaged in the world, without being limited by it -- so you can live from a deeper place of purpose and power and finally create the life you were born for.

Jan 3, 2021

In this podcast, I reveal the true meaning and process of manifesting -- something all the 'manifestation experts' rarely explain or understand. Without this proper relationship to your creative power, you will often manifest more lack and problems -- but with this new expanded awareness, you will be ready to...

Dec 27, 2020

The word 'God' is one of the most highly charged and controversial words in the Human language. It's also one of the most misunderstood. In this podcast, I'll help you have a deeper, more meaningful, and more liberating understandings of this idea -- one that will open you to a powerful connection to your Source...and...