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Oct 26, 2022

As you’ve been discovering, the Source of all creation is within you.  The Source of all life, law and power is in consciousness – and consciousness is in you. You are a unique expression of Divine consciousness.

You also have come to understand that because you are one with it, like the light is one with the sun, you’re not on your way to more of anything.  Just like the sunbeam is not on its way to the sun, it is an emanation of light. It’s coming from the sun. It’s the way the sun expresses itself, and you are the way God expresses; the way life expresses.

What does this have to do with going from resources to resourcefulness?

Regardless of how much or little is appearing, in terms of outer resources around money or abundance, talents, abilities, relationships, or opportunities, the real key to having abundance is your resourcefulness. Your capacity to tap into this source of infinite supply and to be a channel and an instrument of that, determines how much resources you have. Your resourcefulness ultimately determines your level of resources.

We have come to many points in history where we believed we were going to run out of valuable resources. For example, there was a time when the wild mustang horse was going seemingly extinct, and there were not nearly enough to meet the needs of the population. It was the end of times as we knew it, because this was our core mode of transportation and of getting around. Then somebody came along named Henry Ford, and created a car called the Mustang.

Of course, that wasn’t the first car he created, but he basically developed the combustion engine, that had the equivalent of all these horses under the hood.

When that threshold was hit, where there appeared to be a lack of resources, we became innovative. Something was created that allowed us to get even more power with even less resource.

In your own personal life the same metaphor applies. As you bump into those places and moments in your own timeline where you feel like you’re out of options or you’re out of resources, and the only way you could grow your life is to have more physical resources, it very well may be a reimagining of your existing resources that's required.

You’ve probably heard the analogy: Everybody has the same amount of time… It’s not that you need to have more time, it’s how can you take the time you have and use it more effectively?

It’s not about just having more space. It’s how can you take the space you have and use it more powerfully and effectively?

It’s not about just having more stuff. In fact, some of the greatest entrepreneurial and creative efforts have been because they had a seeming restriction of resources, time, money, or space, and as a result they had to dig deeper. They had to become more innovative and creative. They had reimagine, and out of that came a whole new way of doing something, and maybe even a whole new way of life for many others as a result.

You’re being asked to think differently. First and foremost, from a spiritual standpoint, to recognize that you want to be connected to the Source of all life, which is within you, because that’s where everything unfolds.

All the innovations, ideas, and breakthroughs come from somebody who has, on some level, tapped in beyond mere human thinkingness, beyond merely the human imagination, to what I call emergination, which is the imagination of the soul.

It is not bound by precedent. It’s not bound by conditions or circumstances. The imagination of the soul doesn’t even look at the physical conditions to determine what’s possible. It can create from seemingly nothing, and when you combine that with the imagination of the mind, where you can look at the existing resources, but start to think outside of the box, even create a whole new kind of box, or create something that doesn’t even require a box, you’ve got the potential for real breakthroughs and magic. 

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