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Dec 23, 2014

Every unfinished pattern of the past robs us of the present energy needed to create a compelling future. Holding onto these past events is like investing in real estate we don't own anymore! What's worse, if you don't complete the past, you can't have a future, you can only have more past. So how do you stop borrowing from your future to feed the debts of your past? You have to acknowledge it’s done, uncover its gifts, and release the rest.
This requires you to embrace your failures, knowing that there is no failure, there's only a situation you haven't found the blessing in yet. And when you do, that event is transmuted from a debt to an asset that pays rich dividends forever. Healing the past also requires you to face your darkness, and rather than avoid it, dig your roots into it - because the deeper the roots, the higher the shoots, and the richer the fruits!
Listen to “Harvesting the Fruits of Our Failures” to turn ALL of your past pain into future potential and - more importantly - energy that you can use RIGHT NOW! This could be life-changing and set you up for your best year yet!