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Apr 15, 2016

I’m excited to talk about this particular topic today – the Power of No.

We’ve talked a lot about the power of yes – saying yes to your yes, which is critical to learn how to get in touch with, and say yes to what matters to you most.

What’s maybe not talked about as often, but is really as important, is getting clear on your no’s.

Our no actually allow us to set healthy boundaries. The lack of having a clear no blocks our ability to ultimately allow life to organically, spontaneously unfold through us.

Where are you using your energy saying yes to too many people, places, things, and where you can begin to say no, so that you can say yes to those things that are going to move the dial in terms of your big vision, and that really matter most to you?

Listen in now for the full explanation and support your personal development and spiritual growth and start participating in your future NOW.

And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!

Stay inspired!