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Oct 11, 2016


Today we’re talking about your big, bold audacious goal, and how to create instant momentum that catapults your life.

That’s a fun agenda, right? Just the idea of having a big, bold audacious goal gives you energy, it gives you juice! Maybe it also brings up a little nervousness or overwhelm. You could be wondering: "Can I really add a big, bold audacious goal to my already busy life?"

Meaning is the oxygen to our souls, and having a deep meaning for why you’re living, why you’re getting up every day, and why you’re going through your day, is significant. 

For instance, in the concentration camps they found that if people didn’t have something worthy to live for and to hold on for they had a much lower rate of survival. 

Having a vision is life itself. Life exists to fully express itself, and because life is infinite, it’s like life wants to have a big bang every moment, and in a very real way it is. This incredible explosion of possibility, energy, power and creativity is the nature of life always in this moment. In this moment there’s always a big bang trying to happen, individually, collectively. Life is just bursting at the seams with so much power, intelligence, joy, and creative energy, that it could never be fully satisfied.  It says in Proverbs, "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

Another verse found in the bible is, "You are my beloved in whom I am well pleased, and all that I have is yours."

There are three pieces to that spiritual equation: "You are my beloved"- it’s saying that life loves you, always and forever, unconditionally, no matter what. "In whom I am well pleased" - requires you to be willing to be an instrument of life, of God, truth, love, and when you’re willing to be that instrument, now the presence says, "I’m pleased. Why? Because I get to be more of myself as you, which is why the I that I Am exists."

It’s why life exists. Life doesn’t exist merely to solve problems, in fact not at all. Life doesn’t exist to try to get somewhere. Life exists so that it can express its infinite nature. As you say yes to the fullness of live moving through you and are willing to commit to living at the highest, fullest level, now life, God, this presence says, "In you, I am well pleased."

Then the third piece then kicks in, which is "...all that I have is yours." Meaning, like the king of a great kingdom is looking at his daughters and sons and wondering, "Who do I give my full inheritance to? Who do I put on the throne?" It’s the one that’s actually going to do something with it. Not the one that’s over here just kind of kicking back and eating grapes and enjoying all the fruits, but not really doing anything about it, but the one over here who’s got a big vision; who’s going to go out there and make a difference, make an impact, and use all of the riches of the kingdom to fulfill and carry on a great mission.

Life is kind of seeing you that way. When you’re willing to have a big audacious bold goal, a vision for your life that really juices you up, you become a bigger channel for which more power and energy can flow through and as you.

It’s like if a tree is not bearing fruit on a branch that branch gets cut off so that it can support all the branches that are bearing fruit richly. It’s a principle.

In order to create instant momentum with your big, audacious goal, there’s some basic things that have to be in place; a checklist. All seven pieces need to be in place:

  • Have a clear, compelling goal,
  • that is rooted in your vision and values,
  • with a strong why,
  • heal the why-nots,
  • have a real plan/schedule,
  • have accountability,
  • leverage yourself,
  • and finally, be fully committed - all in.

You can’t jump to a bigger audacious goal if you don’t have these basics. This has to be a priority and an inner intention. It can’t be something you’re going to wait for next week.

For the full explanation of all the seven points and to support you in mastering this, listen to the in-depth podcast on the subject, where we break it down and put it into real-life practice TODAY. This will be a real game-changer.

To Your Emergence!

Stay inspired!


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