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Jan 31, 2024

Unconditional giving – it’s the whole foundation, and ultimately, the core principle of Emergence.

As the emergence work says, whatever is missing is what we’re not giving. Whatever we’re waiting for, we’re waiting with.

If you are really operating as if the whole kingdom of Heaven, as if all of the Universe was within you, and whatever was missing was what you are not giving, your life would look different, as would mine.

We are the way the whole Universe has individualized itself; we are unique individualized expressions of all of the power, the presence and the love of God. (Whatever term you use, this is what it means to be the son of God. This is what it means to be the offspring of the Most High. This is what it means to be a radiant light, the light of the world, the lights of every man and woman.)

Right where you are is the whole Universe, therefore, there is no God or power or anything separate from you, or outside of you, that’s going to come to you, ever.

Remember, you are not on your way to something. You’re not on your way to Heaven or to God, to abundance, to wholeness, or to love. You’re coming from the everything. Just as the sunbeam is not on its way to the sun, it is the sun expressing. It’s on its way to expressing more of that light, bringing that light into all the seeming dark places, delivering its gifts.

That’s who you are – coming from God, from love, from abundance. You are that place where the whole Universe gets to put itself on display in a unique and unprecedented way.

If all of that true, (and it is) what’s the mechanism by which you express your infinite being?

There is no mechanism that’s going to bring it to you. There’s only a mechanism that’s going to allow it to come through you and as you, and that mechanism is giving, unconditional giving.

Another word for that would be sharing, circulating, serving, expressing, radiating.

Listen to the podcast episode above for the full explanation and learn how you can put it to work in your life TODAY.

And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!

Stay inspired!

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