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Oct 28, 2014

Within the frequency of your problem, the solution doesn't exist. Within the frequency of your vision, the problem doesn’t exist. So as long as you are focused on your problem, you are stuck with it. But if you’ll have the courage to seek the truth of your being – even when the bill collector is knocking at your door – you will open up a power and potential previously untapped (and maybe even unimagined). 
Ice won’t melt until you rise above 32 degrees Fahrenheit (no matter what you do). That’s where ice lives. Likewise, your problems won’t go away until you rise above the level that they exist on. You must stop adapting or wrestling with circumstances and expand in the face of all contraction. This includes surrounding yourself with the people, places, things, activities, and thoughts that represent your future, not your past. 
In this week’s episode, “From Problem-Solver to Vision-Holder: How to Powerfully Activate Your Purpose,” you’ll learn how to make this leap and take your life to a whole new level.